Why have you called the film Red White and Black?

The title Red White and Black is a play on the American flag. One of the thoughts behind it was a book I read years ago called: “There ain’t no Black in the Union Jack” by Paul Gilroy. The book was about anti-black racism in Britain

Why is the film taking so long to make?

When I started making the film in 2015 I used my own money. I did as much as I could with my own money until I ran out. UK mainstream TV were not interested in supporting me making the film initially. Then one channel showed interest but it came with a caveat which meant that I would not be fully responsible for the narrative. I never felt comfortable with this. They eventually did not think it was a film worth making. So that was the end of that. I like the idea of becoming independent with the help of the public and showing them that the film is a film worth making, and by me.

What will the donations you receive go towards?

All the monies donated will go to making the film. So far I have been self-shooting but this time around I want to work with a camera person so I can concentrate on directing rather than worrying about camera angles and sound. Money will also be spent on travel, accommodation, compliance, post production.

There have been other films on the subject. What is going to make yours different?

The beauty of me working on this film for so long is that I have built up a trust with the contributors. They know where my heart is and know that I want a make a great film that represents them in a true light and tells the real story. Thus, they have let me film where others have not. They have let me into their homes and lives, their employment. In this way I am able to get to the underbelly of whats going on and why.

Its a real distressing issue. Does it upset you? How do you cope?

Yes its disturbing for me and will continue to be. I do get down and have shed tears. Especially when I have been to where a victim was shot dead. I cannot let it get to me. I have to push on and get the film done. If the film makes even a little change all the pain would have been worthwhile.

Have you worked on anything like this before?

I have worked on many important films during my career so far. I have travelled  around the world making them as well. I have worked on quite a few about the issues around youth violence here in the UK. But this film is close to my heart.

Will you make other films like this or similar?

Oh yes I do love filmmaking and I love working on topical issues that matter. So yes I will be making more films that will hopefully raise eyebrows and that will make an impact.